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Mission statement:

Our mission is to create a nationwide network of women’s cycling clubs by supporting existing clubs while fostering the creation and growth of new clubs across the U.S. Our extended family of female cyclists creates a vast community for women with a shared passion to connect and succeed at cycling whether they are rooted in their location, traveling, relocating or just getting started in the sport. The core of our mission is to offer women the materials and support necessary to start women’s cycling clubs in their community with ease and confidence. The American Women’s Cycling Network serves as a hub for women to easily find and join their local women’s cycling community and supports women in creating women’s cycling communities in places where they do not currently exist. Cycling is a sport best done in a group, no woman should have to ride alone.

Why women's cycling clubs are so important:

Our fast-paced society presents challenges for many women to feel a sense of community, connectedness, or develop close friendships. Creating and growing women’s cycling clubs on a local, grassroots level, is the perfect antidote for feelings of isolation and insecurity. When women come together and ride bicycles, magic happens! New friendships are forged, bodies are strengthened, women inspire and support each other to become leaders, and their local communities become closer knit. Cycling in a group with other women fosters confidence, independence and self-reliance that carries over to other aspects of a woman’s daily life. And when women feel empowered on the bicycle, there is a positive trickle-down effect to their children, families and communities.

Our story:

The Grafton Women’s Cycling Club was founded in 2012 by Monique Trammell who experienced first-hand, the feeling of isolation after relocating from her home state of California to New England. She got married and quickly became the mother of two young boys. Feeling she still wanted to stay connected to a sport she loved, she founded a local women’s cycling club to meet other women with whom she had something in common. Within three years, the Grafton Women’s Cycling Club grew into a 150 member strong county-wide club, changing its name to Worcester County Women’s Cycling to better reflect the demographic of its members. As of early 2019, WCWC has grown explosively into an active community of over 500 female cyclists in central Massachusetts. Trammell recognized the profound success of this one “little” cycling club, that was started by one “stay-at-home mom” as a symbol of the increasing need and desire for women to come together and deepen their sense of community through the recreational sport of cycling. Her founding of a women’s cycling club has had a positive influence on the lives of so many women that she was inspired to help other women create the same opportunity in their own communities across the country by founding the American Women’s Cycling Network in 2018.
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